Although we have an extensive pile of course notes, following many years of tutoring at a tertiary level and also running training courses, the emphasis has shifted.  So in our twilight years, using the internet to post items of interest for new internet users is now a hobby service where the aim is to simply to help older people particularly, to cope with the technology.  This move was precipitated by the opportunity to take a long cruise where people would be avidly taking 100's of digital photographs, needing to file them and maybe modify them, get to grips with email and also to maybe create a travel blog to keep the folks at home informed. 

Follow the button links below - in sequence!  (Button styles haven't yet been updated from the previous software version...)

NEW TO EMAIL  - organising your emails and also the etiquette. This may stop you making some basic errors
PHOTOS  - taking digital photographs is easy, but this may help you take better photographs
POST PICTURES   - looking after those pics and maybe preparing them for publishing to a blog
FILING   - not much use in creating thousands of photographs digitally or even scanning older stuff into your computer, without applying some logic to filing them!
BLOGGING - creating an 'on line diary' of your travels without having to send everyone an individual email - or heaven forbid, a postcard every time you get off the aircraft or the ship....


"Productivity" is an overused term these days but in its true sense, it really is getting efficient with resources, be those materials, man power or machinery.  We are an experienced consultancy with a specialisation in the sewn products trades, locally and internationally, using established principles of work measurement, work place layout, motivation and incentives, labour and management controls and production planning.

However, as most manufacturing has moved to China, the local industry has shrunk and the likes of Bendon, Levi Jeans, Rodd & Gunn, for example, are no longer manufactured in New Zealand and with it, much of the local talent has been dissipated. The net result is fewer opportunities for local work for consultancies such as this, to offer their extensive experience and expertise particularly in the larger factories and businesses.

Later, sample course notes will be published but for now, time is going to be spent on the advice, so check out the button links above.

Updated March 2013